3 year old, 5 year old, Craft

A smashing time!

This is such a simple idea, but one which had the kids really really excited (especially the 3 year old). The concept is really pretty simple. Choose a load of toys that you don’t mind getting wet, and possibly damaged (old McDonalds toys etc are good for this).  Put them in a Tupperware box, or… Read More A smashing time!


Creativooz has arrived!

A blog! A blog! I’m starting a blog! So, the plan is to write about all the creative shizzle, and days out that we do.  I’m not one for sitting playing endless games of paw patrol, shop, ‘orange ninjas’, princess superheroes or whatever other make-believe games they insist on playing.  I get bored pretty easily… Read More Creativooz has arrived!