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“Lets make pop cakes!”

I wasn’t feeling 100% today, so went back up for a little nap while Ed took on the requests for cake making full on and with whispers of “lets hope we all make it out alive” as I make my way up the stairs.

Now, there is a disclaimer to this activity… we own a cake pop maker.  They cook in a matter of minutes.  Cooking the cake is not the hard part, and in all honesty they did a great job of this bit (see pic below).

I could hear squeals of delight, happy chatter, and laughter from the kids… and occasional “please don’t touch that”, “don’t lick ALL the cakes!” and “uuuurgh gross” from Ed.  Needless to say, I won’t be eating them.

Then the requests for decorating the cakes came along “I want to decorate them as Ninjas!” I heard the little one shout “I want to make pinkie pie cake pops”.  So Ed dutifully looked up pictures of both on the internet, and then made these…

Is that Kai??
Pinkie Pie… obviously…

Crying with laughter!  They all just about survived their experience.

The kids LOVED it and are totally happy with their creations!  Happy creating everyone!


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