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Easy peasy no-sew doll dress

“I want to be a fashion designer!” my 5 year old stated.  Her latest choice of career.  It changes frequently, I can’t keep up.  Her little expectant face seemed to want me to make this happen immediately, like I could upload some kind of matrix style skill set to her tiny little mind.

Now, we are in the process of selling our house at the moment, everything is in turmoil and the house has been decluttered for viewings and constant tidy ups… because of this my sewing machine currently lives in the footwell of our car, and the car was parked a couple of streets away from our house.  I’m not hand sewing a bloody dress (as we all know it’ll be me that ends up sewing it) so I had to act fast and think of something that involved minimal effort, but maximum impact.  I grabbed some material, and this is what we came up with…

First Jess drew round a plate, and then cut around it, she needed a bit of help but did pretty well.  Then we cut a hole in the middle to create the skirt.

Next we cut out a small rectangle for the bodice along with a strip of material for the bow.

The fun bit was decorating them.  We used normal felt tip pens for this – which are water soluble. This means that if I stick this in the washing machine we should be able to decorate it all again!

Wrap the bodice around her, put the skirt on, and then tie together using the strip of material for the bow.  Ta da!

We also made a super hero mask… because she is a super hero, obviously.

I think she looks pretty coooool!

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