Creativooz has arrived!

A blog! A blog! I’m starting a blog!

So, the plan is to write about all the creative shizzle, and days out that we do.  I’m not one for sitting playing endless games of paw patrol, shop, ‘orange ninjas’, princess superheroes or whatever other make-believe games they insist on playing.  I get bored pretty easily – and in all honesty I had two kids for a reason – fantasy worlds are reserved for them (though I’m not a complete meany, I will play these games sometimes, I just try not to).

I know what I’m good at though, and I’m good at creative stuff, I’m not scared of messy, and I love to have a good pinterest session and try it out with the kids.  That teamed with plenty of days out to all kinds of places and the kids don’t have it too hard… it’s only the orange ninjas that suffer.

My plan is to show you our successes, our failures, give you some ideas, and hopefully get some ideas in return!

Fingers crossed!

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